Residential Expressions

Irving Residential LandscapingExpressions by Susan is a strong proponent of using environmentally friendly Texas and Southwestern native plants in their landscapes. Susan recognizes the need for making a positive and long-lasting impact on the artistic use of native planting and landscape design in North Texas. Her designs are not only beautiful, but they significantly reduce water consumption and maintenance needs.

We are strong proponents of Adaptive Texas Horticulture. Simply stated, it is the use of plant materials well suited for this region's climate, soils and pests. These native plants, through natural selection, will require less water and will be more disease tolerant than varieties of plants imported into this region, as are many of the plants currently used by landscapers. Before civilization crept into this region of Texas many native plants thrived without exhaustive watering, toxic herbicides and protection during cold snaps.

Dallas Residential LandscapingThe term Xeriscape was coined to mean 'dry' landscaping. During drought conditions there is always a push for reduced watering of landscapes. The use of native plant materials is a solution to this problem, but it also reduces the overall costs of maintaining the beds once established. The costs in manpower and water to support plants that do not belong in this area are far too high.  Susan can design a bed planted with native plant materials in such a way that it looks uniquely beautiful.

We have extensive experience with planting in conditions that most professionals find less than desirable!

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