Downtown/commercial landscaping

Expressions by Susan is currently a force in the beautification efforts in Downtown Dallas, creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes that use native rock and plant features. By transforming the perimeter of parking lots throughout Dallas to artistic and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, we have significantly improved the face of the downtown area. Expressions encourages the use of environmentally friendly, drought-resistant native plant species to beautify public spaces and reduce associated maintenance. Trees and other landscaping visually enhance public spaces as well as provide shade and a cooler microclimate. Native and drought-resistant species are ideal for these public areas due to the harsh conditions that exist in downtown areas.

Dallas Commercial LandscapingThis street was formerly lined with concrete from building to building. With the introduction of sensible landscaping this street becomes a more pleasant place for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Notice how well the Star Parking lot, across from the trees, fits into this streetscape. Ten years ago this was a dull and depressing area to walk through. Plants create an inviting environment.

Dallas Commercial StreetscapesThis area is inaccessible to pedestrian traffic, but creates a buffer between the West End development district and the Woodall Rodgers Freeway. The plantings require little water once established and thrive in the shade of the building and the overhead freeway. The low maintenance and minimal watering requirements make this bed very well-suited for the area.

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